Meetings are held in the Church Hall, Good Shepherd Church.

Marilyn Palmer will send details of the meetings to members of the group.

Please contact Marilyn by email if you are interested in joining the group.

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Lion Gate, Mycenea
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This group meets monthly to learn more about the physical remains of the world’s past civilisations, especially those which members might have visited on holiday, such as Petra, Hadrian's Wall, Macchu Picchu or Pompeii. We have also studied wider themes such as the origins of man, the beginnings of metal -working, the Roman world, industrial archaeology and so on.

Meetings generally take the form of illustrated talks by the group leader, herself an archaeologist, as well as occasional outside speakers. An annual feature is a Members’ Day where short talks on a variety of subjects are given by group members. Visits to English sites and special exhibitions are arranged.

Scroll down the page to see examples of past meetings.

Where and When

Venue: Church Hall, Good Shepherd Church, Park Road, Loughborough, LE11 2HJ
Frequency: Monthly
Day: 2nd Monday of the Month
Time: 2.00 pm to 4:00 pm

Other Information

Group Charge: Small annual fee: no more than £12.00 per annum, excluding any optional extras, such as trips.
Group Size: about 80

Contact Details

Group Leader: Marilyn Palmer
Telephone: Visit Members Area

Archaeology - October Meeting

Monday, 11th October, 2 pm: Archaeology,
The Origins of Man: Out of Africa?

This will be followed in successive months by sessions looking at Palaeolithic Art, early metalwork, stone circles and megaliths etc. I hope we can fit in a visit to either Stonehenge or, nearer to hand, the Derbyshire stone circles next year, as well as Creswell Crags in Nottinghamshire.

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Monolyth, Bed III, Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania

Copyright: Tony Westaway

Archaeology - April, Zoom Meeting

Monday, 12th April, 2 pm: Archaeology,
The Vikings in Leicestershire and Beyond

Former County Archaeologist, Peter Liddle, looks at the history of the Vikings in Leicestershire and the surrounding area.

All members of Charnwood u3a are welcome ­ please contact
Marilyn Palmer, The Group Leader

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Archaeology - Feb Zoom Meeting

Monday, 8th February, 2 pm: Archaeology,
The Grandeur that was Rome

The talk will be entitled ‘The Grandeur that was Rome’, following on from ‘The Glory that was Greece’. These titles are both from a poem by Edgar Allen about Helen of Troy, as follows:

On desperate seas long wont to roam,
Thy hyacinth hair, thy classic face,
Thy Naiad airs have brought me home
To the glory that was Greece.
And the grandeur that was Rome

It will be about the origins of Rome and its architecture and archaeology, contrasting this with Greece – briefly!!!!

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