Mah Jong - Recommencing weekly meetings

Please contact the Group Leader if you are interested in playing this fascinating game.

The group has sorely missed our weekly “get togethers” to play
Mahjong. As we could be over eight households and sit closely
round a table, the Covid restrictions have curtailed play. Realistically this may continue for some time to come!! But there has been a light for us and we are now holding some Zoom meetings to play Mahjong
again. We are very rusty!!!!

Should anyone want any further information, please contact Linda

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Mah Jong


Still proving popular, our group of Mah Jong players continues to meet up to enjoy a morning of friendly banter and a few hands of Mah Jong; the real deal, no computers!!!. The game is similar to rummy but played with tiles, it is a game of luck and a little skill.

The basics are easy to learn, which means beginners and experienced players can therefore play together. 

Where and When

Venue: Members' Homes
Frequency: Weekly
Day: Every Friday
Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 noon

Other Information

Group Charge: None: no charge, apart from possibly a small contribution towards refreshments.
Group Size: 9

Contact Details

Group Leader: Linda Reidie
Telephone: Visit Members Area

Mah Jong
Introducing Mah Jong
via Zoom

Could you be a future recruit to our Mahjong group? Since our players
last got together for a few hands of Mahjong, we have had a number
of players moving away so we have room in our group for beginners.

We would like to give anyone interested a chance to get to know this
intriguing 19th century game of tiles. You'd learn the basics to get you
started, enabling you to enjoy playing with us.

The game itself is very easy to pick up and has similarities to rummy. The intricacies of learning to deal the tiles takes a little longer, but beginners needn’t worry, everyone mucks in to help and it is mainly a game of luck and a small amount of strategy.

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