Our Past Monthly Meetings
January to December 2019

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11th December 2019
(Emmanuel Church)
Songs for Christmas


Loughborough Students Union Sings
Old sketch of carol singers

13th November 2019
(Emmanuel Church)

What my Mother and Father Used to Say

with Paul Newsham

Grandparents drinking tea

9th October 2019
(Emmanuel Church)

A Tale of Two Crosses

The story of William Coltman who went to war as a stretcher bearer - going to war to save lives rather than take them.

with Tim Coltman
William Coltman

11th September 2019
(Emmanuel Church)

My Life as an Auctioneer

with Charles Hanson

(from BBC's Bargain Hunt)
An Auctioneer's Gavill

14th August 2019
(Emmanuel Church)
Adventures in the Round the World Yacht Race

with Neville Maggs
Yacht on the Ocean

10th July 2019
(Emmanuel Church)
The Last Laugh

A look at the funnier side of inscriptions on gravestones
with Jean Townsend


12th June 2019
(Emmanuel Church)

21st Anniversary Celebration
Birthday Cake

8th May 2019
(Emmanuel Church)
Unlikely Positions in Unlikely Places: A Yoga Journey Around the UK

with Elizabeth Gowling
Yoga on beach in sunset

8th April 2019
(Emmanuel Church)
You're Never Too Old to Rock and Roll

with Vince Eager
Vince Eager

13th March 2019
(Emmanuel Church)
AGM and a talk on

Robert Bakewell and Dishley Grange
with Ernie Miller
Robert Bakewell

13th February 2019
(Emmanuel Church)
Our Friends Outside

Making gardens more wildlife friendly
with Steve Lovell

9th January 2019
(Emmanuel Church)
Tax, Care and Toy Boys
Inheritance planning

with Chris Dingley
Piggy Bank