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John Kay

Science and Technology 1


Meetings are from half to a full day, depending upon the nature of the meeting. The programmes are discussed with members and contain a balance of interest and activity. As well as in-house speakers, the group also visits places of industrial, scientific and environmental interest and museums.

Members pay a small membership fee to cover administration costs.

Where and When

Venue: Brush Bowls Club, Watermead Lane, Loughborough LE11 3TN
Frequency: Monthly
Day: 1st Thursday of the Month
Time: 10:00 am to 11:30 am

Other Information

Group Charge: Small annual fee: no more than £12.00 per annum, excluding any optional extras, such as trips.
Group Size: 55

Contact Details

Group Leader: Janet Butlin
Telephone: Visit Members Area

Science and Technology 1 & 2
May Zoom Meeting

Thursday 6th May at 10 am (organised by Sci Tech 1):

'What is Money? An Introduction to Bitcoin Technology '­ speaker John Bell

Science and Technology 1 & 2 -
April Zoom Meeting

Thu 8th April, 10 am: Sci Tech 1 & 2

'Forgotten Engineers of the 19th Century' ­

speaker: Richard Harries
John Kay
Science and Technology 1 -
March Zoom Meeting

Thu 4th March, 10 am: Sci Tech 1 & 2,

'Carrara marble - the world's finest decorative stone’
speaker Mark Barron, BGS

The speaker is an Honorary Research Associate from BGS and has provided the following information about his talk:

Marble is an exceptional material, and I talk about its formation, distribution, abundance and varieties including British marble, its extraordinary properties and its diverse usage. Carrara marble is preeminent, and its story has enduring fascination commencing in a nowvanished ocean destroyed by continental collision and mountain building, moving on through the creation of a magnificent landscape, to over 2000 years of history including extraordinary human endeavour, fascinating engineering, megalomaniac popes, heaps of money, and culminating in nudity, in the form of some of the world's greatest art made from its finest natural material.

Statue of David