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Wednesday 5th May, 10 am: Classical Greek,

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Greek writing on a tablet

Classical Greek


This small group meets once a month led by an experienced Classics tutor. The group is primarily for those with no previous knowledge who wish to learn Classical Greek. The aim is to progress through the structure of the language to aid comprehension by reading (including aloud).

Word derivations will be noticed, and in due time the aim is to start reading simpler passages in Classical (and Biblical) Greek. A little Civilisation material to provide a cultural context will also be shared.

Where and When

Venue: To be advised
Frequency: Monthly
Day: 2nd Wednesday
Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 noon

Other Information

Group Charge: To be advised
Group Size: c. 7

Contact Details

Group Leader: Dilys Payne
Telephone: Visit Members Area

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