Harwick Hall
Days of Interest

A leisurely coach trip out on a Saturday each month to visit a place of interest. We visit towns and cities, historic houses, museums, exhibitions, gardens and so on, usually within a couple of hour's travelling time.

(We do not have a trip in December; in January we have a visit to the theatre and in February a meal together.

Where and When

Venue: Various places of interest
Frequency: Monthly
Day: 3rd Saturday
Time: Depends on desitination
Other Information

Group Charge: Joining Fee £5.00, Postal Members Annual Fee: £5:00 plus for each trip a share of the cost of coach, entrance fees etc.
Group Size: 180

Contact Details

Bookings: Jill Strachan
Telephone: Available in Password Controlled Members Area
Email: DaysofInterest@charnwoodu3a.org.uk

Membership: Pauline May
Telephone: Visit Members Area
Email: DaysofInterest@charnwoodu3a.org.uk

Days of Interest About Us

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