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alphabetical list of groups is available in pdf format (revised 31 August 2021).

photograph of mycenae
2nd Monday
Photo looking down a passage in a modern building
4th Thursday
Surrealist painting of an eye
Art Appreciation
3rd Friday
Suttlecock with badminton raquet
Every Friday
Book being held open in a hand
Books 1
1st Wednesday
person reading book
Books 2
1st Friday
a pair of bowls with a jack
Bowls Indoor
Every Thursday
view of bowls on a bowling green
Bowls Outdoor
Every Thursday
pen lying on paper with caligraphy
2nd Tuesday
pack of playing cards being held in a hand
Canasta 1
Every Tuesday
3 aces
Canasta 2
1st, 3rd + 5th Mon
chess pieces
Fortnightly, Mon
greek sculpture
ancient greek architecture
Classical Greek
2nd Wednesday
pieces of sheet music

the words creative writing with a light bulb
Creative Writing
4th Wednesday
a cribbage board
Cribbage 1
2nd + 4th Tuesday
some playing cards
Cribbage 2
1st + 3rd Wed
cartoon of penguins line dancing
Dance - Line
Every Friday
Cartoon of dog and cat enjoying dancing
Dance - Social
2nd + 4th Tuesday
photograph of Hardwick Hall
Days of Interest
3rd Saturday
by arrangement
image of windsurfer exploding from a screen
Digital Imaging
2nd + 4th Wed
photograph of an english church
Loughborough Parish Church
Blue background with various greetings written on it
graphic of a family tree
Family History
3rd Wednesday
Wave made of helping hands
French flag with Eiffel Tower
French Conversation
1st + 3rd Thursday

Parlez Vouz Francaise written in chalk on board
planting a seedling in a pot
3rd Monday

Historic Town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber
1st + 3rd Wed

Sprechen sie deutsch written in chalk on board
German Advanced
1st + 3rd Friday
cartoon of a golfing green
Every Wednesday
HMS Victory - old sailing ship
History 3
4th Wednesday
Italian Flag
Italian Conversation
3rd Wednesday
Red wine being poured into a glass - Salute
Jigsaw puzzle
Capre Diem written in scrabble tiles
1st Monday 10am
Great Paul bellcase in Queen's Park Loughborough
Local History
4th Monday
Eating lunch
Lunch Club 1
1st Friday
2 bowls of soup
Lunch Club 3
3rd Wednesday
cartoon of hand holding spanner coming out of laptop
Mac Users Forum
3rd Friday
4 mahjong tiles
Mah Jong 1
Every Thursday
set of mah jong tiles
Mah Jong 2
Every Friday
cartoon image of musical notes leaving a page
Making Music
2nd + 4th Thursday
hand holding a candle
1st + 3rd Wed
tennis ball on raquet
Mini Tennis
Every Wednesday
cartoon of speaker addressing an audience
Monthly Meeting
2nd Wednesday
cotton reels on fabric background
Needlecraft 1
2nd + last Friday
examples of needlework
Needlecraft 2
4th Tuesday
paintbrush on bright pink background
2nd Monday 2pm
statue of philospher
Philosophy 1
4th Tuesday - 2pm
sculpture of Confuscious
Philosophy 2
3rd Tuesday 2pm
photo looking at the lens of a camera
1st + 3rd Friday 10:30am
2 people stretching - pilates exercises
Pilates 1
Every Friday

group members enjoying pilates
Pilates 2
Every Tuesday

person reading poetry book
Poetry 1
2nd Monday
book open on a page of poetry
Poetry 2
3rd Wednesday

quiz sign with question marks
2nd Monday

stylised graphic of the brain
stylised graphic of blackhole
scrabble tiles
Scrabble 1
2nd + 4th Tuesday 10am

scrabble board with words lifelong learning
Scrabble 2
1st + 3rd Wednesday 2pm

scrabble tiles spelling out words associated with chocolate
Scrabble 3
2nd+4th Tuesday

scrabble board with a large number of words on it
Scrabble 4
3rd Thursday

choir singing gustily
Singing for Pleasure
1st + 3rd Tuesday - 2pm

ABBA photo
Singing Pop
1st + 3rd Monday

Spanish flag
1st + 3rd Tuesday

Sign with Se Hable Espanol
Spanish Conversation
1st Thursday
roast beef and 2 veg
salad on a plate
Supper Club 1
4th Wednesday

Plate of Pasta
Supper Club 2
3rd Thursday

Sustaining the Planet
1st Wednesday

table tennis bat and ball on table
Table Tennis 1
Every Monday

table tennis table with two bats
Table Tennis 2
Every Tuesday

table tennis ball on the table
Table Tennis 3
Every Wednesday

Table tennis bat and ball on table
Table Tennis 4
Every Thursday
old cartoon of Victorians playing ping pong
Table Tennis 5
Every Friday
table tennis net
Table Tennis 6
Every Friday

table tennis player about to serve
Table Tennis 7
Every Friday

photo person playing table tennis
Table Tennis 8
Every Monday
2 people praticing tai Chi in the moonlight
Tai Chi
Every Friday
Tennis ball on a raquet
Tennis Mini
Every Wednesday

Theatre Group
By arrangement
Travel Group
every 2 months

group on a walk
Walking Groups
Tuesday/Thursday/ Saturday
glass of wine with barrel and grapes
Sculpture in lights of a person doing yoga
Every Monday