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2:30pm Wednesday 10th February 2021

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'Sustaining the Planet'
with Brian Waters

We are now in a “decade of action” to achieve global sustainability. Did you know that?

The term “sustainable” crops up more and more nowadays: the Chancellor says that the financial support package for COVID 19 is unsustainable; paper, timber and palm oil are advertised as from sustainable sources. These are recent examples but the concept has a long history and sustainability in a wider sense became established, some would say fashionable, about 50 years ago. International action has recently been agreed that cuts across many of the challenges facing the modern world.

Would you be interested in sharing ideas and finding out more?

This is planned to be a Zoom meeting and you will need to download Zoom to access the meeting – if you are unfamiliar with Zoom, please see our Zoom guidance page

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