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Calendar of What's Zooming & Meeting Outdoors,
June 2021, Week 3.
This will be updated every weekend. We have also created a Calendar for the entire month of June go to Our Groups, Calendar June 2021.
14 Jun
09:30 Yoga
14:00 Archaeology
15 Jun
09:30 Pilates 2
10:00 6+ Walks
10:45 Gym Fitness
10:00 Spanish
16 Jun
10:00 German
10:00 Golf
14:00 Family History
17 Jun
14:00 Bowls Outd
14:00 French Conv
18 Jun
10:00 German Adv
10:00 Mah Jong 2
10:00 Tai Chi
13:30 Pilates 1
14:00 Mac Users
19 Jun
20 Jun
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Charnwood u3a is committed to being as accessible and inclusive as possible, treating everyone equally and with respect.
We make all reasonable efforts to enable everyone to participate and to meet any challenges posed by advancing years or declining health.

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